Jewish women stay in abusive relationships

twice as long as the national average


Represent The Individual

We recruit and train volunteer attorneys to work with a Jewish Clientele and to handle a myriad of legal matters associated with intimate partner violence, including but not limited to: protection from abuse orders, family law, real estate/landlord-tenant, employment, and immigration.

We carefully match our clients with a thoroughly-vetted attorney best able to meet their needs, while always working with the client and other social service providers to secure safety, security and normalcy for our clients and their families.

If you, or someone you know needs legal assistance, give us a call at 215-645-2142. If we cannot take your call, please leave us a message with a safe time and phone number to reach you. In an emergency, always call 9-1-1.


Educate the Community

We believe that everyone will be a first responder to a survivor of domestic abuse at some point in his or her life, whether we realize it at the time or not. To be effective and helpful, our education programs offer critical skills and resources to help you help someone else.

We provide an affordable 2-credit CLE program, required of all of our volunteer attorneys, but open to any attorney seeking to grow their working knowledge of the law affecting survivors of abuse and working with a Jewish clientele. *Attorneys who take a case with Dinah within 12 months will be reimbursed for their registration fee*

Advocate to Leaders

We advocate to leaders inside and outside of synagogues to best support community members in need. Support from our rabbis and community leaders creates a culture of safety and security. We will work with clergy and others to promote a unified front by our faith leaders against intimate partner violence, and to protect survivors within that community. 

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