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Join Our Board


Dinah is young, and we are continually looking to grow our board with dedicated and passionate individuals who can donate time and resources to help us thrive and reach greater heights.

At the moment, we are specifically seeking individuals with accounting or human resources experience. If you are interested and believe Dinah may be a good fit for your philanthropic time, please do not hesitate to email




We are not hiring any paid positions at the moment, but check back here over the summer for updates.

We always welcome volunteers! If you have skills you’d like to share with Dinah, please contact



Law School

Dinah is proud to partner with the Louis D. Brandeis Society for a paid summer internship experience. To learn more about this opportunity, email


Dinah is proud to partner with JEVS Human Services for a paid summer internships experience through the Franklin C. Ash Summer Internship Program. Click HERE to learn more.

High School

Dinah is proud to partner with JEVS Human Services for a paid summer internships experience through the Lasko College Prep Program. Click HERE to learn more.




Volunteer Attorneys

How to Become a Dinah Volunteer Attorney

Dinah offers free CLE credits to any attorneys who volunteer to take Dinah low-cost and pro bono cases. A 2-hour training provides 1 hour of substantive and 1 hour of ethical CLE credits.

Attorneys wishing to attend CLEs but are not ready to commit to volunteering with Dinah are welcome to do so for $36.00.

CLE trainings will begin in fall 2018. Check back to our calendar to register for CLEs and other events as they become available.

If you are already a family law attorney with experience in domestic abuse law, contact to help meet our immediate need for competent volunteer attorneys.

What We Expect of Our Volunteer Attorneys

We hold our volunteer attorneys to these core values:

  • Confidentiality for our work and our clients
  • Responsiveness to all communications from clients and Dinah staff
  • Sensitivity to highly emotional and stressful situations
  • Competence in practice, by completing our CLEs and utilizing additional resources available and Dinah staff
  • Professionalism in all Dinah encounters, including treating all clients as you would any other client coming into your practice

We expect our volunteer attorneys to see any cases through to their completion. In a protection from abuse proceeding, that involves a hearing at which point a judge will generally grant or deny the petition. For a custody matter, the commitment may be a bit more involved, requiring communication with opposing counsel to come to an agreement as to custody, or proceeding to trial for the judge to render a custody order. Custody orders are always reviewable and modifiable upon petition from either party until the children are 18 years old. While it is unlikely that any attorney can guarantee their participation for 18 years, we ask that our volunteers make a good faith effort to remain involved in their cases to their completion.


Intake Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer to conduct intakes over the phone and onsite in various locations around the Greater Philadelphia area, please email

Volunteers will be asked to attend our 2-hour training, free of charge, before being assigned volunteer shifts.